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Current Program Offerings

OBFO avails itself to linking arms with other agencies, ministries, churches, businesses, and individuals to provide opportunities for education in recognizing, understanding, and meeting the needs of individuals they encounter without jeopardizing their progress toward healthy transformation, and without enduring victimization in the process. OBFO integrates Christian teachings throughout all program offerings. That being said, OBFO offers services to all individuals and does not refuse help if people choose not to follow Christian beliefs. Current program offerings include:

• Jail Ministry
• Street Ministry
• Intervention
• Men’s Live-in Discipleship Home (Currently Unavailable)
• Workshops on financial integrity, life skills training and building work ethics
• Link with other agencies, ministries, businesses and churches.
• Life-Coaching
• Pastoral Counseling
• Family reconciliation
• Study principles from Scripture
• Food distribution Provide supportive services (very limited funds for clothing, shelter, etc.)


To reach out Headquarters in Spokane, WA: click this link OBFO Headquarters

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